Abrasives That Won't Rub You The Wrong Way

Surface Conditioning

  • Quality roloc style and hand pad discs
  • Brite strip and clean strip discs
  • Cross buffs and polishing discs
  • Steel wool and bristle discs
  • Wire wheels and tube brushes

Bonded Abrasives

  • Durable cut-off wheels
  • Type27/ flexible,imported grinding wheels
  • Bench and type 11/dresser grinding wheels
  • Mounted points

Coated Abrasives

  • Roloc & Socatt style discs
  • Abrasive cloths and PSA discs
  • Autobody file sheets and abrasive rolls
  • Waterproof autobody paper
  • Resin fiber discs & abrasive accessories
  • Trim-kut discs, flap disc abrasives, and flap wheels
  • Abrasive belts & cartridge rolls