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Winzer provides access to more than a million different fasteners, tools, and other supplies. With the dedicated Marketing and Customer Service efforts and the company's experienced and professional franchises, Winzer has grown to be a major, full-service distributor to over 40,000 customers in a variety of markets. Winzer is constantly striving to introduce new products and ways to service customers. Winzer has continually shipped at a 99% order fill rate, providing customers with the right products when they need them.

Winzer's commitment to the customer is:

Locally owned franchises ensure customer satisfaction by providing the hands-on service your parts inventory requires.
Extensive product range allows for simple, consolidated shipments and billing.
Winzer stands behind its high-quality fasteners and maintenance items with our customer satisfaction guarantee. Winzer is your "One-Stop Source" for all your maintenance and repair items.
Company Information
Winzer Corporation is committed to providing the highest quality automotive and industrial repair supplies and support services. Winzer's growth and stability in the market place have been based on a single principle: Great products and attentive service create lifetime customers.
Founded in 1978 by owner Klaus Wuerth, Winzer has grown to be one of the industry's leading distributors of maintenance repair supplies. With its centrally located Dallas headquarters and access to more than a million different fasteners, tools, and other supplies, Winzer is committed to providing a level of service that is second to none. With a fully automated warehouse system, 99% fill-rate, extensive customer service, and a network of independently owned franchises, Winzer Corporation is your single source supplier for automotive and industrial maintenance repair supplies.

Winzer history

  • 2009 Winzer opens it's Santa Fe Springs, CA distribution center to service OEM and bulk chemical customers on the west coast. Winzer implements warehouse automation solutions to it's Saginaw, MI, and Spark, NV distribution centers. Winzer's product line expands to over 60,000 in-stock items.

  • 2007 Winzer opens it's east coast distribution center in Saginaw, MI. This new facility "rounds-out" Winzer's order fulfillment, providing 1-2 day shipping to the continental United States. Winzer's product line expands to over 55,000 in-stock items.

  • 2006 Winzer records a record-breaking year in sales while increasing our product offering to over 50,000 stocked items. Winzer begins construction on a new 45,000 sq ft. east coast distribution center, designed to offer efficient order fulfillment to our east coast customers.

  • 2004 Winzer records another record-breaking year in sales and increases product line to over 46,000 items. Winzer opens a regional distribution center in Sparks, NV to expedite services to its west coast franchises and their customers.

  • 2003 Winzer records a record-breaking year in sales. Winzer implements a multi-million dollar warehouse automation solution to increase efficiency and better serve its 35,000 national customers. Winzer's product line expands to over 40,000 in-stock items.

  • 1999 Winzer records a record-breaking year in sales. With the expanded focus on new business development and the addition of thousands of new products, Winzer's product line expands to over 30,000 products serving over 35,000 customers nationwide.

  • 1998 Winzer's industrial and automotive product lines expand to over 23,000 SKUs supplying customers in Industrial, Fleet, and Automotive markets.

  • 1996 Winzer doubles in size within a three year period fueled by the expansion of the franchise program.

  • 1991 Winzer pioneered the first franchise program in the industry, dramatically changing the way fasteners were sold in the MRO market. For the first time, fastener sales professionals were given the opportunity to become independent business owners while still enjoying the networked support of a large company.

  • 1984 Mr. Wuerth changed the name of the company to Winzer to coincide with the company's expanding focus. In the years that followed, the Winzer product line grew as Winzer penetrated the truck, fleet, and industrial maintenance fields.

  • 1980's The company's marketing emphasis grew to include automotive repair supplies for domestic vehicles and collision repair.

  • 1979 The company expanded rapidly in its first years by providing an extensive range of badly needed products to the U.S. market. Corporate headquarters were relocated to Dallas, Texas. This central location allowed the company to efficiently serve the entire country.

  • 1978 The company was founded in 1978 by Klaus Wuerth in Culver City, California. Winzer (originally called International Metric Supply) was dedicated to providing hard-to-find fasteners and products for the booming import car repair market.