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1 Inch Skintop® Sln Liquid Tight, Non-Metallic Strain Relief Cable Gland With Npt Threads

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$7.3300 / each

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SKINTOP® SLN/ SLRN is a durable, liquid tight, easy to assemble strain relief cable gland with NPT threads that is universally suited for all types of machinery & equipment, including automation, motion control, process control and robotics.
Features & Benefits
  • Material: UL94V2 Heat Stabilized Nylon
  • Color: Black
  • Applications: Motor vehicles, machinery repair, electrical appliance repairs To protect electrical wiring when routed through panel walls.
  • The heavy duty SKINTOP® design provides great pull strength and very reliable strain relief
  • Superior integrated locking mechanism includes an internal ratchet for vibration proof protection
  • Multi-trapezoidal thread requires just one twist to tighten
  • Generous high quality neoprene bushing provides a liquid tight and dust proof, hermetic seal
  • Black (RAL 9005) UV Resistant
  • Protection: 70 PSI, IP 68, 5 Bar (Exceeds NEMA 6/ 6P Pressure rating)
  • Temperature range: Static - -40 C to +80 C / Dynamic:-20 C to +80 C

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