4 x 1 Gallon Isi Poly Aluminate Aluminum Brightener

791.177786.1.4 MFG #: F3944
Concentrated liquid aluminum and stainless steal cleaner used to remove heavy soils, grease, and hard water deposits. 
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • California Ingredient Disclosure
  • Kemlite wall cleaner
  • For satin finish trucks and trailers (unpainted)
  • Removes heavy soils, grease, soap scum, and hard water deposits
  • Removes dead oxidized lettering paint
  • Do not use on bright aluminum, bright stainless steel, chrome, zinc, galvanized metal, tin, or magnesium
  • Spray equipment = 1=50, best results with hot water (140 deg F)
  • Do not mist
  • Manual equipment = apply with natural bristle brush, rinse thoroughly
  • Do not allow solution to dry on surface
  • Kemlite walls = 1=8-16, add product to water
  • Brand: ISI-Poly
  • Color: Clear Blue
  • Packing Type: Bottle
Sulfuric Acid 50% 7664-93-9 Acidity
Hydrofluoric Acid 49% 7664-39-3 Acidity
2-Butoxyethanol 111-76-2 Solvent
Nonylphenol ethoxylate 127087-87-0 Surfactant