Isi-Poly Bazooka Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner With Pumice - 1 Gallon

991.10101 MFG #: F34355
  • Brand: ISI-Poly

ISI-Poly Bazooka Hand Cleaner is a heavy-duty, solvent-free hand cleaner with pumice scrubbers. Bazooka effectively removes stubborn dirt, grease and soils with the use of specially formulated detergents. Bazooka is a great choice for daily use, and contains skin conditioners to protect your hands. Fragrance: Bubble Gum.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • California Ingredient Disclosure
  • Effectively removes soils, dirt and grime 
  • Strong detergents clean without solvents 
  • Contains skin conditioners and coarse pumice scrubbers 
  • Color: Pink 
  • Fragrance: Bubblegum 
  • Dispenser: Isi Gallon Flat Top Hand Cleaner Dispenser or Isi Gallon Inverted Hand Cleaner Dispenser
  • Brand: ISI-Poly
  • Package Size: 1 Gallon
Scrubber 1332-09-8 Abrasive
Surfactant 68439-57-6 Surfactant
Surfactant 61789-40-0 Surfactant
Surfactant Not available Surfactant
Acrylic Polymer Not Available Viscosity
Potassium Hydroxide 45% 1310-58-3 pH Adjustment
Fragrance Not available Fragrance
Glycerine 56-81-5 Humectant
Preservative Not Available Preservative
Aloe Barbadensis Gel 8001-97-6 Humectant
Dye Basic Violet 10 81-88-9 Colorant
Nonylphenol ethoxylate 127087-87-0 Surfactant