Winzer Inventory Management

We are dedicated to helping you create an assortment system that works for you! We will take your current bin-stocking system and transform it into a well-organized, easy to re-order system so your business can continue running smoothly. Organization is key, and we make it easy! Contact your Winzer rep to get started with your customized bin-stocking system.

Don't have a Winzer rep yet? We will put you in touch with a Winzer rep in your area! 

Don’t create needless downtime with disorganized parts

  • Lots of time spent on taking inventory?
  • Disorganized bin setup?
  • Not being able to find what you need, when you need it?
  • Constantly having to run to the store looking for replacement parts?

We can help…

With Winzer you get

  • Savings of both time and money
  • Keeping the best product in stock, and always in the same place
  • Installing the Winzer system of labeled bins & cabinets, customized to your ways
  • Offering on-site support and advice on all of the best products Winzer has to offer


Our storage bins, made from cold-rolled steel and finished with rust and acid-resistant baked enamel, offer superior organization for all of your small parts. When combined with our inventory control software and computer-generated, barcoded labels, these units make managing your product inventory easy

  • Extensive line of specialty assortments
  • Small drawer assortments
  • Large drawer assortments
  • Bin assortments

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