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Gunk Super Heavy-Duty Brake Fluid D.O.T. 4 - 32 oz


Specially formulated to coax optimum performance out of disc or drum brake systems in today’s cars and trucks.

  • Provides superb performance and protection in the high temperature braking systems found in today's vehicles
  • Surpasses all automobile and truck manufacturer requirements
  • Dispose of container, residue, and excess product in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations
  • See vehicles owners manual for proper use of all brake fluids
  • Recommended by several manufacturers of automotive, brake, and farm equipment
  • Used for heavy-duty equipment
  • Designed for vehicles with disc or drum brakes
  • High-quality, high boiling point DOT 4 brake fluid
  • *Photographs are representational and may not be size accurate