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Anchorlube G-771 Cutting Fluid Bottle - Net Contents 8 oz


Anchorlube G-771 is the future of multi-purpose lubricants, offering a new level of tool-life along with the cleanliness of a water/soap based compound. Anchorlube is a semi-paste and performs well on all metals, especially stainless steel and other exotic metals that tend to shorten tool life considerably. It is a clean lubricant that contains no petroleum, chlorine, or sulfur, and is a water-based soap, maintaining a clean work area with no oily surfaces.

  • After freezing product may separate, shake vigorous to re-mix (freezing and thawing will have no effect on its use)
  • These changes have no effect upon use or efficiency
  • Anchorlube is normally a smooth green, semi-paste, but consistency may vary with temperature
  • Acceptable for use in machine shops operating under the Federal Meat and Poultry products inspection program (P-1)
  • Distilled water used in formulation for critical applications
  • Contains no nitrates, chromates, mercury, or formaldehyde based formulas environmentall safe = Contains no chlorine, cluorine, lead, sulfur, phosphorous or silicone
  • Contains no oil
  • Exceedingly clean lubricant
  • May also me used on non-ferrous metals, such as brass and aluminum
  • For Use on stainless, high carbon, high chrome, case iron, etc
  • Specially designed for problem metalworking jobs
  • *Photographs are representational and may not be size accurate